The two routes – The Way and The Trail

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Why, you may be wondering, are there two routes? Well, it’s like this. Back in 2003 both myself and another Gloucestershire walker, Gerry Stewart, had the idea of creating a walk that linked Romsley and Winchcombe based on the Kenelm theme. Neither of us was aware of the other’s project, so we both went ahead and published guides almost simultaneously, albeit, mine was initially only on the internet. And they have both been around ever since. The two routes are shown below, the one developed by Gerry Stewart, The Way, is on the left and the one I developed, The Trail, is on the right.

To the left, St Kenelm’s Way, to the right, St Kenelm’s Trail

As you can see, The Way is more direct while The Trail winds somewhat. They have surprisingly little in common other than both calling at certain key highlights such as Hales Abbey and St Kenelm’s Well. It should be said, neither has the pretension of following the original route the Kenelm cortège took. That is unknowable.

A project could be to take one route South from Romsley and return North by the other, a combined journey of 110 miles. A pretty good week’s walk !